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Kevin Brooks Music

My Friend Music and Me

Music has been a partner and friend as long as I can remember.

My first experience singing in front of people was O’ Holy Night. This was to be a Christmas show for the PTA. I thought this was great, this is what I was used to. I sang A Cappella in the Gymnasium alone in front of people I had never met. This was to be my first experience of many. This was First Grade, one verse, one chorus easy. But then it happened, when I saw how much people enjoyed it and seemed to feel as I felt singing it I knew. “This is It!”

I began to sing all the time, anything, everything, all things music. I would sing Country, Oldies, Rock, Blues, Classical, Opera, Instrumentals, all music, all the time. I would sing on the bus, at the store, in the car, at school (in class and out), in the house, outside, in the field, all the time. I would sing while I worked, while I played, while in a crowd, and especially when I was alone. I would answer questions in the form of a song which the teachers found cute until I was 14 and the principle of the high school did not find it amusing. I still catch myself doing it from time to time.

My brother would become a great influence in my musical performance, showing me how to reach far beyond the vision of this small Indiana town gigolo which I had become. To show how much more there was to music and how I could write and express myself and not just what the songs had in mind.

Then my life changed forever.

I met God’s most precious creation, a true Angel on earth. My Love, My Woman, My Wife. Renee brought me to the church, I had never been to a church service before, and there in that little steeple a choir of 8 leading the people to raise their voices to the Lord. A Choir in need of a director, calling me to Come.

There it was, the what, the how, and the why. Not only to move people’s hearts or change their minds but to touch their souls. After starting several contemporary services and directing again as many choirs I found my place in music.

My mission, “To bring fun, joy, friendship and love to as many people as I can find.”

So Come, join me on my mission of music.



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